Aphasia SA Research Projects

Aphasia SA is proud to support aphasia research through undertaking and supporting communication and aphasia-specific research and projects. If you are currently working on or interested in aphasia research please consider getting in touch with Aphasia SA via our contact page. 

If you are interested in current research that Aphasia SA is undertaking or supporting we endeavour to provide this information via email to members, via the Aphasia Newsletter or via our social media pages.

Social Participation And Awareness For People With Aphasia Project

Fourth Year Occupational Therapy Students Beth and Luca completed a project with Aphasia SA in 2022. 

The project aim was to increase awareness amongst friends, family and carers of people with aphasia. 

The strategy was to develop an aphasia fact sheet in partnership with Aphasia SA and the community. 

You can get a copy of the fact sheet by clicking here

External Resources & Links

If you are a person with aphasia, a family member, a carer or a healthcare professional, the following resources and organisations (Australian & International) can provide you with additional information and support. Further external links are available within our "I have aphasia", "I support a person with aphasia" and "I am a professional" web pages. If you have specific questions you require support with please get in touch with Aphasia SA via our contact page.