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  • Me before my stroke!
    In January 2009 I enjoyed riding my motorbike, riding my push bike, going bush, and almost anything out doors.
  • I had my stroke when I was 48 years old - it was Valentine's Day in 2009 but it was early in the morning so I don’t remember any of it.
  • I went to bed on Friday the 13th and finally woke up 3 weeks later.
  • My wife Ruth and my 3 very cute boys Liam aged 6 and Sam and James aged 4 were really good at the time.
  • On the 12th, Liam came down stairs to see if I was awake but I was not and went upstairs and told Ruth to call an ambulance.
  • It was 3 weeks later and I didn’t know where I was or why I was there but I did know it was time to go home. Instead it was time to go to Hampstead Hospital where I started my slow recovery.
  • I had a left hand side bleed and therefore the right side of my body was suffering from paralysis. It was pretty severe but I was determined to walk again – I did by the time I left hospital – well right foot anyway.
  • As far as my hand was concerned I was going to get that working too but it was much harder than the leg – 2 years and still counting.
  • I got to go home for Easter – but not walking yet.

Me after my stroke with 3 boys and my wife!

  • I was going along to Speech Therapy and walking exercises which wore me out by around the middle of the day.
  • 19th of June 2009 was home day for good. Now it was time for care from the people at B.I.R.C.H. Southern Region.
  •  I had Gemma, Debbie, Terri, Andrew, and Cindy who did speech recognition, movement, and things which helped me get it all together.
  • I have aphasia now but if people are prepared to listen I can get through with my speech OK. It’s writing and writing using the computer that I find tricky.
  • With Andrew’s help, I rode my push bike again albeit that I had no controls on the right hand side.
  • I sold my pride and joy, a Ducati 916 SP when I realised I was never going to ride it again – much sadness.
  • We still live in our house at Summertown – it is big with 10 acres but who cares.
  • I won a digital camera which I want to get back to, but it is difficult with controls on the right hand side – if anyone knows of anywhere they are on the left please let me know.
  • I joined the Mt Barker gym a year ago – it has been important to me in my recovery and I go 3 times a week.
  • I obtained my driver's license in September 2009 which was an absolute dream come true – bit weary at first but it was not long before I was driving all day. I did a trip with friends to Cooper Creek and things. We did that in July / August of 2010 and we have another one planned for 2011.

3 mates and myself on the Cooper Ck

  • One day soon, I look forward to taking out our camper trailer.
  • I joined the Computer Group for a bit of a weekly meeting and to see if anything can be remembered.
  • Joined a Thursday morning group of blokes only meeting where we sit around a shed and discuss all manner of stuff from health, relationships, fixing things and going on bus tours. A truly excellent group out at the Mt Barker Hospital.
  • Joined the choir and I will let you how it goes.

That’s about it – I can be contacted at if anyone knows secrets that can help me further or if I can help you in any way.

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