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Our Association was formed to support people with aphasia ( ay - faze- yuh ).

Aphasia is a loss of language skills usually caused by stroke or other brain injury.

Aphasia can affect
- speaking 
- understanding the speech of others 
- reading 
- writing
- understanding numbers and money.

About 1,500 South Australians develop aphasia each year. Aphasia can be caused by a stroke or brain injury.  Many people, including service providers, have never heard of aphasia. The Talkback Committee aims to raise awareness and increase the services provided to people with aphasia.

We are currently looking for a volunteer as our Office Manager. This role is integral to the running of Talkback, as the office manager is the link between the committee and the public. Please click on the link to see the advertisement on Volunteering SA for further details, contact Sarah Clifton on 0403929320 to discuss the role.


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We are looking for your input - please email any ideas or feedback about the website to or leave a message for us on 84435555

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Please download our Talkback Association for Aphasia brochure here. (pdf, 628kb)

Please download our Aphasia flyer here. (pdf, 271kb)

This web site has been made easier for people with aphasia to read.

  Telephoning: 08 8443 5555 The Talkback Association for Aphasia Inc.
302 South Road, Hilton.
South Australia, 5033