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Hello I'm Carol, Clive's wife. Clive is unable to write, so I'll write some and he will tell some of it with his drawings! 

Clive worked at the University of Adelaide in the Electronic Engineering Department for 30 years and really enjoyed the job. In 1991, at age 50, Clive had a stroke. This left him without language, gave him a label of 'disability' and many, many new challenges.

But most importantly we were still together!

Rehabilitation was like an 'alien world' at first - Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy. It's very hard work.

I guess he wondered many times, whether it was worth it or whether to throw in the towel. And he tried hard to combat the black moods of depression.

But we work as a team. We go through the dark times and always look to the brighter times.

Clive's model trains Clive's Model Trains, His Old Clocks and His Scooter.

Clive's drawing of a clock Clive's drawing of his scooter

Life changed drastically. He could not work due to aphasia and right hemiplegia. But we both became involved in Stroke SA and the Talkback Association.

Clive is in a model train club. He restores old radios. And still has his passion for old clocks and watches.

Clive cares for our 2 cats, Temaku and Tomoko, a rock pool of gold fish and 2 aviaries of birds. 

He is in charge of watering the garden and the dishwasher - his pet hate. Friday mornings he goes to the University, and there is speech and gym work as well. 

Weather permitting, he hoons around on his prize possession - his scooter.

But on the 9th anniversary of his stroke he slipped into a depressive trough. He was giving up on himself.

I decided I would like to take him on a plane trip for his 60th birthday, maybe in Australia. But he came out with 'Raffles' (Singapore) - his dream!

Dreams are something that for the past 10 years both Clive and I have worked so hard towards. They are imperative to our survival!

Clice and Carol in Singapore
Clive and Carol in Singapore

We made a commitment - Clive would continue his Speech Pathology and keep fit and I would do everything possible to get him to Singapore.

We planned well and put in place emergency plans.

Our daughters, Penelope and Sarah, met us there and we were all together for Clive's 60th birthday.

We took him to the Raffles, the Botanical Gardens, the zoo, high tea at the Goodwood Hotel and even on the cable car to Santosa Island. The wheelchair certainly clocked up the miles!

This trip was a complete turn around for Clive and he is now planning the next one. 

So I am starting to save.

Through this trip Clive realised that just because he has had a stroke and may not be able to express himself language-wise, he is not discarded on a scrap heap.

If only people can take the time to look through his exterior to his interior, they would see that he is still the wonderful person who they once knew.

Love you Clivie! - Carol

You can e-mail Clive at:

  Telephoning: 08 8443 5555 The Talkback Association for Aphasia Inc.
302 South Road, Hilton.
South Australia, 5033